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Soft tissue is the fascia/connective tissue, ligaments, tendons and joints that makes up around 70% of your body. Overuse through sports or a repetitive work pattern, along with trauma, accidents, postural problems and occupational stresses can lead to many acute or chronic pain conditions that can be alleviated by soft tissue therapy (formally known as Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy SRMT but on a higher clinical level and with more advanced techniques).

My main aim is to get you back to your optimum performance and pain free, whether that means helping you beat your last race time or releasing tight muscles causing you discomfort and helping improve your posture. Every treatment is tailored to your problem using a range of the latest bodywork techniques to not only release tight muscles and fascia but also to restore them to their correct length and regain postural balance.

Providing injury prevention and rehabilitation Services

Soft Tissue Massage

Manipulative Therapist

Well Being

As a L5 therapist including Manipulative Therapy and have a vast understanding of Anatomy and Physiology helps me cure and restore full functionality and mobility to injured muscle tissue which has possibly lead to joint aches and pains. For more information about Soft Tissue Massage , my background, galley from a Soft Tissue Massage and Manipulative Therapy sessions. If you have any questions or would like further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What people say?

Dave has spent a lot of time and effort ensuring that injury recovery has always been dealt with effectively and that niggles dont become worse. Thanks!

Tony Quinlan

What people say?

Dave has been a godsend as far as I'm concerned. Following a back injury during rugby, Dave sorted out poorly repairing muscle damage , which had previously been quite debilitating. I now have a monthly visit just to keep it all in order to avoid problems reoccurring. First class, professional treatment. Recommended

Bob Seys

What people say?

There aren't many people more knowledgeable or genuine than Dave. The only place to go for a quality sports massage.

Adam Cross

Why Choose Us?

Pre event massage

Used to stimulate and invigorate the muscle tissues to boost optimal performance by ‘waking’ them up, increasing circulation and preparing them for exertion.

Post event massage

Generally helps increase circulation of blood and lymph fluids, remove waste products, enhance relaxation and speed up recovery helping you train/race again sooner.

Restorative massage

Stretch deeper tissues, increase Range Of Motion (ROM), break up adhesions and scar tissue, remove trigger points (knots), and help prevent injuries.

Remedial treatment

Help alleviate pain and form part of a rehabilitation program if an injury does occur and get you back to full function as soon as possible.